Why Does Your Restaurant Matter?

The restaurant industry is beyond competitive. Very few industries experiences the turnover, risk, and competitiveness of the food and beverage industry. And, there’s no sign of this trend slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it’s only getting harder for restaurants to compete. In 2017 alone, the restaurant industry made up 48% of the family food dollar.

More people dining should mean more patrons, right? Not exactly.

New restaurants are opening every. single. day. It’s projected that there will be over 16.3 million jobs in the restaurant industry by 2027. Restaurants consistently battle for the consumer dollar. However, there are two defining factors that affect customer’s loyalty to a restaurant. The first is quality food, obviously. However, good food alone isn’t enough to keep a restaurant afloat. That’s why, the second most important thing is quality customer service. Now, customer service is a very broad term. While most associate it with waiter service, you know that customer service can begin well before patrons set foot inside your restaurant.

That’s why technology has become a huge player in the restaurant industry. 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their customer experience. 95% of restauranteurs agree that restaurant technology improves business efficiency. So, if everyone is on board with technology, then why do 32% of diners believe the food industry is lacking in technology use?

Simply put, restaurateurs have a hard time finding a technology solution that makes sense for their business without breaking their budget. That’s why there has been a huge rise in SMS for restaurants. Texting is an easy, cost efficient solution that has a high open rate and large reach. We’re here to tell you the benefits of SMS and why Rainman SMS is your restaurant’s next solution.

Benefits of Rainman SMS

SMS for Restaurants Just Makes Sense

One of the biggest ways people use SMS for restaurants is to change the way patrons wait for their tables. This can be done either one of two ways. Either through making a reservation or by hosts checking patrons in via a CRM.

Streamlining Reservations

If you’re the kind of restaurant that takes reservations, then you know how important it is to have everything running as efficiently as possible However, many reservations are often messed up due to human error, last minute cancellation, or other common calamities. Instead of relying on the notes of one hostess, you can have an automated CRM that makes maintaining reservations a breeze.

As soon as a patron calls in to make a reservation, the person who took the reservation can use Rainman SMS to send a confirmation text with the details of a patron’s reservation. As an extra layer of protection against human error, the text could have instructions such as “text Y to confirm reservation” to make sure the reservation is correct. Rainman SMS’s easy to read CRM will make it easy to see how many patrons you for sure have on the books. And, the information can change in real time. As easy as patrons can confirm their reservation, they can also easily cancel or reschedule - that’s one less person  clogging your restaurant’s phone lines.

From Their Phone to Your List: Handling Your Waiting List With SMS

While popularity is a great thing for your restaurant, it definitely comes with one minor downside: long wait times for your patrons. Again, long wait times aren’t unheard of in today’s competitive food industry. However, the customer experience starts as soon as patrons are put on the waiting list. Nobody likes to wait, but how do you make the waiting list a little more pleasant?

Enter Rainman SMS

If you’re using SMS for restaurants, it can help ease the waitlist process by easing the burden on hosts while making the waiting process better for patrons. Rainman SMS has an easy-to-use interface that allows even the newest of hosts to manage the waitlist. Whenever your restaurant is operating on a waitlist, hosts can use Rainman SMS to maintain order and keep customers in the loop.

Hosts will take down patron information in the Rainman SMS CRM. From there, they can see how many people are in the queue and which tables are open. Patrons on the list will receive 2 texts, one to confirm they’re on the list and a second text to let them know their table is ready.

For example, a small family comes into your restaurant on a Friday night. One member of the family will put their name and number down for the waitlist. The hostess will then enter the information and send out a confirmation text. It reads:

"Thanks so much for choosing to dine with us! We have confirmed your position on the waitlist and will be seating you as soon as possible."

You can even take this message a step further by adding an estimated wait time. That way, if it’s a lengthy wait, customers can get a good idea of when to be ready.

This simple, automated process reduces human error all while making the waiting experience much more palpable. If patron’s check in during a busy dinner service where the wait time is over an hour, it gives them the freedom to visit the store next door or go grab a drink before their meal. The possibilities for bettered customer experience are endless with SMS.

Save the Paper, Mobile Coupons Are More Effective

Since text messages have a near perfect open rate, you no longer have to waste money, time, and paper mailing out paper coupons. Mobile coupons are more convenient for everyone. Patrons won’t have to worry about forgetting their coupon at home because they take their phones with them everywhere. When patrons have a coupon to a restaurant, they will be more likely to dine there.

Why Choose Rainman SMS

Rainman SMS is the solution to better the efficiency of your restaurant. Our user friendly CRM and responsive SMS technology makes integration a breeze. Our awesome features include:

  • Unique keywords
  • Auto reply messaging
  • One-to-many function
  • MMS (coming soon)

So, what are you waiting for? Let Rainman SMS help improve the customer experience for your patrons. Send us a message with our contact form or call us at 210-647-6350. We can walk you through a FREE DEMO of our platform.