Rainman SMS Helps Realtors Bring Home the Deals With Mobile Marketing

We are used to thinking SMS text marketing campaigns are all about coupons and promotions. While this is an essential part of SMS marketing, relators and real estate agents should know there is so much more to it than that. Just like you use an email follow up to reach, nurture and convert leads, the same could apply to real estate SMS marketing.

In the real estate business, communication is critical. Rainman SMS text marketing gives you a new and invaluable channel for connecting, allowing more prospective buyers to contact you, and allowing you to make more sales. The more contacts you have, the more sales you’ll make, the more profit you take home! And the benefits Rainman SMS can bring to your real estate business don’t end there.

Realtors and Text Marketing: Why Rainman SMS Is Your Perfect Fit

Real estate text marketing from Rainman SMS provides you with a communications strategy that is quick, reliable, and essential towards maintaining relationships with vendors, buyers, brokers, landlords, and tenants.

As a realtor, you’re aware that everything in the industry is time-sensitive. You can’t afford to wait for a buyer to check their emails, and risk losing out on a hot new listing. 100% of buyers said that their agent’s response time was important; Rainman SMS allows you to send listing information to interested leads in a matter of seconds with our easy to use platform.

Equally as important, you can’t afford to spend excessive amounts of your valuable time placing calls to clients who mostly likely find them tedious and inconvenient. Did you know that 31% of Americans prefer to be contacted by text, rather than a phone call? Texting is fast, immediate, has a high response rate and is the most requested form of communication to date. If you limit yourself to calls and emails only, you may be shutting out a third of your potential market.

Additionally, over 80-90% of home buyers start their search for a new home online. These days a majority of these online home searches are done on a mobile phone. Leaving a text message in their inbox puts your homes on the frontline. This additional touch point is one more way for you to grab a few extra clients every month.

There’s mounting evidence that mobile is the next big thing. Mobile-friendly websites are great, but will only reach the 50% of Americans who own smartphones. Texts are accessible on nearly every cell phone and texting applications usually come preloaded. Use Rainman SMS for promotions, open house announcements, discounts, and more!

Check your Inbox for Benefits: Rainman SMS Delivers Results

Showing real estate buyers that you’re a leader in real estate text message marketing will bring you more listings and keep your business ahead of competitors. It will immediately signal to a client that you are going above and beyond to improve and personalize their experience. As more and more younger people look to buy property, they will be much more comfortable with text marketing, therefore, you will have a much larger, diversified and more engaged audience straightaway.

Utilize appointment reminder via SMS to be sure your clients don’t forget meetings or showings. This can also include reminders on when open houses are scheduled on home listings that clients have previously looked at on your website. Text messages can rekindle an interest in a home or property that may otherwise have been forgotten.

Rainman SMS can help you see increased sales, and better client relationships, and it is a fraction of the cost of radio or print campaigns. Try out a free demo from Rainman SMS today, you’ve got nothing to lose and memberships to gain.

Our Features


To kickstart your text marketing campaign, the first step is to pick a keyword. Keywords are short, customizable words that entice people to text in to your client list, giving you permission to text them in the future. If you want to save yourself time and routine work, you can also integrate your SMS campaigns with your real estate CRM. This way the contact information of people who opt in to your text marketing client list will also automatically be added to your gym’s contacts.

The keyword you choose should be unique to your business, consist of a word or short phrase, and be easy to remember and spell. For example, a simple real estate keyword for an agent selling condos could be, “ANNASCONDOS” or “AC”. From here, post your keyword on your website, property signs, business cards, email signature and social media with an incentive to text (a promotion or acceptance into VIP). Interested leads would then text the keyword to a unique phone number, and instantly receive additional information of your choosing. You don’t have to stop at one keyword, with Rainman SMS you can pick multiple keywords. This allows you to get the right clients in the right group for the right message, allowing you to achieve different goals.

Auto Reply:

You can use the tools that Rainman SMS provides to set up automated responses, so that your time is spent working with clients, instead of returning simple inquiries. When clients text in your keyword they will receive an instant auto reply. This auto reply is a prewritten message of your choosing that informs buyers and prospective customers they have opted-in to receive further text messages from you.

For example, when a user texts in your keyword, an auto-reply can be put in place to thank them for signing up, as well as providing updates about new listings, open houses, price changes, community events and anything else people are interested in! This is an amazing way to keep them in the loop and grow your sphere of influence.

You can also use an auto reply to get more inquiries on a listing you are selling from potential leads. First, pick a keyword for the property, for example ‘BlueHome’. Place this keyword on the property sign and anywhere else you have the property listed. Instruct people to text ‘Bluehome’ to your unique phone number. Once people text you, they’ll get an auto reply back texted back with all the details about this house. Text messaging can not only supply that information, but it can also eliminate the costs associated with home flyers all together.


As a real estate agent, you need to reach as many potential clients as possible to sell homes and find homes to sell. This is where the one-to-many feature comes into play. The one-to-many feature lets you write one well-crafted message with an incentive-based call-to-action and send it out to your entire client list or a selected few. This can let hundreds of potential leads know of showings, open house dates, and new listings.

The real estate business is unique in that anyone you deal with is a potential client or referral source. You can use the one-to-many feature to reach all of your potential clients on meaningful holidays with personalized texts. When they think of real estate, they will think of you.

The Message:

The message you send your clients is a big factor in determining how successful your text marketing campaign will be. Remember, text messages are a personal form of communication, which can help you build client relationships if done right. Your text is not only a customer service tool, but a way to increase client engagement and loyalty. You can use your message for everything from wishing your contacts a happy birthday to informing them of properties that just went up for sale/rent.

One of the hardest parts of the Real Estate business is that clients may go years or even decades before needing a Realtor again. Texting is a great way to stay in touch with low involvement and effort for both parties. The idea is to keep you the most top of mind real estate professional they know. Additionally, It’s a great way to get referrals as 74% of clients will give you a referral if you stay in touch, and the #1 source of business for Realtors is referrals from past clients.

Why Choose Rainman SMS?

Rainman SMS understands real estate agents call for marketing plans that are simple, effective and affordable. It may seem hard to dominate your competition in the real estate industry when there are so many competitors out there. Rainman SMS helps your business grow through text, helping you rise above your competitors. Here is a quick summary of reasons why:

  • Over 95% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received and have a 98% open rate.
  • Over 95% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received and have a 98% open rate.
  • People respond to text messages more than any other marketing medium (One-third of Americans prefer texting to calling).
  • Be the next text your clients get, seamlessly send an SMS to one client or 500 clients.
  • Staying top of mind is as simple as a mobile coupon using Raiman SMS.
  • Gain loyal clients and build relationships with birthday texts.
  • Streamline workflow and improve communication with clients with SMS notifications.
  • Increase profits and generate leads with incentive-based mass text messaging.
  • Rainman SMS automates marketing, with features like keywords and auto-reply.
  • Texts have a 45% response rate (seven times higher than email).
  • 78% of consumers wish they could text with businesses.

Gain exposure, engage clients new and old, build relationships and improve the efficiency of your real estate business with a text marketing campaign from Rainman SMS. Opt in to Rainman SMS, opt in to easy marketing solutions. Call Rainman SMS today at (210) 647-6350 or contact us online to sign up for a free trail and see how simple marketing can be with SMS messaging!

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