Let Rainman SMS Be Your HVAC Company’s Competitive Edge

Like most HVAC business owners, you are probably searching for a practical means to grow your business without spending a ridiculous amount of money or adding extra work to your already hectic schedule. Rainman SMS can be the solution you are looking for, in the simplicity of a text.

HVAC Company and Text Marketing: Why Rainman SMS Is Your Perfect Fit

If there is one common theme in the HVAC industry in 2018, it’s the eminent influence of technology. People in the industry can agree that technology is influencing the HVAC trade and customer expectations more than ever. These conditions make your HVAC business and Rainman SMS a match made in innovation heaven.

Take a look around. Is your phone insight right now? Chances are it is. It's likely you have already checked your phone multiple times today and so have your customers. SMS messaging is a popular, effective marketing solution for the HVAC industry. Texts have high open rates and high response rates. They’re also popular with clients, who often prefer to receive a text than a phone call or email. Your customers are mobile, and if you want your HVAC business to thrive, it’s time to opt-in to Rainman SMS.

SMS can be used to increase the number of customers on customer databases, improve customer service, enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue. Let Rainman SMS show you how you can reach the 5.1 billion people on the planet that own a cellphone and grow your business through text marketing.

Demand for the HVAC industry is expected to increase 14% between 2014 and 2024—much faster than other industries. This means that HVAC business owners who take a strategic approach - like utilizing Rainman SMS to get in front of their challenges - have nothing but opportunity to enjoy in the future.

Check your Inbox for Benefits: Rainman SMS Delivers Results

When people are having issues with their air conditioning or heater the first place they turn to for a solution is their phone. Being that 97% of Americans have their mobile phones within reach 24/7, your call-to-action has never been closer to clients. Sending company updates or notifications can keep you on top of clients’ minds and help get your company’s name out there on days when business is especially slow.

In the HVAC industry, you can only service current clients so often. This constant need for new business makes reaching new clients essential. You can use Rainman SMS to reach prospective clients by sending out discount codes; And you can rest assured they will be seen as over 97% of text messages are opened. This can also help build loyal clients by improving their experience with your business.

You can see how text marketing can help your HVAC company gain exposure, generate leads and build client relationships, new and old, but I bet you are wondering how it can help improve the daily workflow of your business. Most HVAC service companies have a lot of people “in the field,” visiting customers’ homes and offices. It's hard to keep track of all your contractors and their appointments, unless you are using Rainman SMS. Since texts are time and date stamped, you can have contractors’ check-in from service locations or when they get back to the office via text. You can also remind contractors of appointments and other responsibilities. It takes minimal time, and you get a permanent record. This eliminates pointless repetitive phone calls and leaves you with time to do what is really important to you.

Some 80% of consumers haven't gotten an SMS message from their favorite brand or industry. Get ahead of your competition and be the first HVAC company in your town to opt-in to the power of Rainman SMS.

Our Features


Jump starting your HVAC business through text marketing begins with a keyword. Your keyword is a unique word or couple of words that represents your business. The best keywords are simple and easy to remember and spell.

If your HVAC business is named “American Champion A/C” your keyword could be something like “CHAMPION” or “AC”. Customers will use this keyword to opt in to your text list by sending it to a phone number that is personal to your business. They can now receive promotions, coupon codes, updates and more from your HVAC business! You don’t have to stop at one keyword, with Rainman SMS you can pick multiple keywords, so you can get the right clients in the right group for the right message.

Your texts will be delivered instantly, receiving faster attention and building deeper, more personal connections with customer

Auto Reply

To help your HVAC business to improve its workflow, Rainman SMS lets you create automated messages. When clients text in your keyword they will receive an instant auto reply. This auto reply is a prewritten message of your choosing that confirms clients have subscribed to receive text coupons, discounts, appointment reminder, and more from your HVAC business!

For better efficiency your auto reply should include a clear, enticing call to action that makes clients want to take action. Your personalized texts will make clients feel appreciated by keeping them the main focus of your business. The more you give, the more your HVAC business will get back.


When your HVAC business needs to reach as many potential clients as possible they can take advantage of the one-to-many feature Rainman SMS offers. This feature allows you to type up one message and send it out to a mass number of current and potential clients.

Your HVAC business can further take advantage of this when you need to get the word out of a new service or promotion. Of course, you want as many people as possible to be informed and as quickly as possible of your new service, so you can jump start its sales. The one-to-many feature lets you write one well-crafted message with an incentive-based call-to-action and send it out to your entire client list.

The Message

The message you send your clients is a big factor in determining how successful your text marketing campaign will be. Text messages are a personal way of communicating that can help strengthen all client relationships. Crafting the right message, sending it to the right customer, and doing so at the right time borderline guarantees SMS success.

The best practices for writing the optimal SMS messages include keeping it short, including a clear call-to-action, making it personal and relevant. Timing is also very critical, as is including the name of your HVAC business in every message. With Rainman SMS you can send out a multitude of customized messages to achieve different results. You can send personalized text messages to clients on their birthdays or simply thank them for their business to help gain loyal clients and build relationships. Since 39% of customer will spend more if they have a personalized mobile coupon, sending out a coupon codes via text will drive revenue while drawing in new clients.

Why Choose Rainman SMS?

Rainman SMS understands your HVAC business calls for a marketing plan that is simple, effective and affordable. It may seem hard to dominate your competition in the HVAC industry when there are so many competitors out there. Rainman SMS helps your business grow through text marketing, helping you rise above your competitors. Here is a quick summary of reasons why:

  • Rainman SMS makes is easy and affordable for anyone to start a top-notch marketing plan.
  • Everyone can receive text messages, so your virtually with your clients all the time.
  • Over 95% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received.
  • People respond to text messages more than any other marketing medium.
  • Be the next text your clients get, seamlessly send an SMS to one client or 500 clients.
  • Staying top of mind is as simple as a mobile coupon using Raiman SMS.
  • Gain loyal clients and build relationships with birthday texts.
  • Streamline workflow and improve communication with clients with SMS notifications.
  • Increase profits and generate leads with incentive-based mass text messaging.
  • Rainman SMS automates marketing, with features like keywords and auto-reply.

Gain exposure, engage clients new and old, build relationships and improve the efficiency of your HVAC business with a text marketing campaign from Rainman SMS. Opt in to Rainman SMS, opt in to easy marketing solutions. Call Rainman SMS today at (210) 647-6350 to sign up for a free trail and see how simple marketing can be with SMS messaging! Or contact us online to learn more about text message marketing with Rainman SMS.

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