Education is More Digital Than Ever

Technology is an undeniable force in today’s modern landscape. One of the biggest first adapters is education. In only a few years, everything from assignments to notes have been taken online.

What’s behind this rise? One of the most obvious reasons is that technology is so ingrained with everyday life. However, that’s not the only thing. Technology allows students and teachers alike to be better connected with each other and their peers. With growing classroom sizes and limited resources, technology allows teachers to better conduct their classrooms.

And that’s not the only thing that’s getting a digital makeover.

Students are now more tech savvy than ever. 95% of today’s teens have access to a smartphone. While many teachers are trying to fight cell phone usage in class, many educators are actually turning to cell phones to reach students.

Benefits of Rainman SMS

SMS for Education Just Makes Sense

SMS is changing education in so many different ways. Think about, students already use text messaging to meet up with friends and coordinate project groups. It only makes sense that SMS can also be a tool for educators to reach students.

Your clients like convenience and saving money. They will be happy to know you are working hard to fill them in on your latest sale, making returning to your shop the only option in their minds. And as the owner of the shop, you will be happy with how easy and affordable Rainman SMS makes building relationships with new and current clients.

Contrary to what some may have you believe, marketing your auto service shop doesn't have to be an over complicated, high price task in order to see results. The truth is Rainman SMS makes it simple and affordable, with each text message costing as little as a penny to send. Plus, our support team is ready to guide you through any issue or answer any question you may have when setting up and sending messages. So, what’s stopping you from using Rainman SMS to reach the 290 million Americans that use texting every day?

Our Features:


The first step in elevating business through Rainman SMS text marketing is picking a keyword. This keyword should be a word or phrase that representations your auto service shop and that is easy for your clients to remember.

The keyword is what allows customers to opt in to receive future texts. If your keyword is confusing or hard to remember prospective leads won’t be able to opt in and your client list will suffer. Let say your auto service shop is called “Frank’s Auto Service”. Your keyword could be something like “FRANKSAUTO” or simply “FRANKS”. A client can then text “FRANKS” to a phone number unique to your auto service shop to receive updates about their vehicle or new promotions your shop is offering.

Texts are delivered instantly, receiving faster attention and building deeper, more personal connections with clients.

Auto Reply

When a client texts their keyword to opt in you don’t have to worry about replying to each and every message. This is where our auto reply feature comes in. When a customer texts in your keyword they will get an instant auto reply. This auto reply is a prewritten message that confirms their subscription, sends them any information you would like to share and a short compliance statement.

Texts are short and can be read in seconds, making the impression your shop wants.


With the Rainman SMS one-to-many feature you can type up one message and send it out to a mass number of current and potential clients. If your automotive shop is having a sale on your A/C services and repairs this summer, you want as many people as possible to know. The one-to-many feature gives you the power to reach hundreds of potential clients by simply typing one high-value message.

People grab for their phones when waking up in the morning, when walking out the door for the day, and a message from your auto service shop could be the notification they are checking. Don’t get stuck in your client’s junk mailbox, get seen with Rainman SMS.

The Message

When drivers have car trouble, the first thing they will turn to for a solution is their phones. Being that 97% of Americans have their mobile phones within reach 24/7, your call-to-action has never been closer to clients. Text marketing is a simple way to be the auto shop that comes to clients’ minds.

Your message is one of the most critical aspects of your text marketing plan. A well-throughout, incentive-based SMS can streamline your shops workflow while simultaneously allowing you to maintain a loyal client base.

We know you have a lot going on at your auto service shop and you're probably wondering how a text message can help improve the efficiency of your day to day tasks. If you have a long line of customers getting their oil changed, you want to make every second count, so your clients don’t have to wait longer than necessary. Rainman SMS lets you notify clients via text when their cars are ready for pickup. Forget the time-consuming hassle of calling each and every client when services are completed or having clients play the “ready in about an hour” waiting game.

Why Opt-In to Rainman SMS?

Rainman SMS understands the auto service industry and its need for marketing to be simple, effective and affordable. It may seem hard to dominate your competition in the auto service industry when there are so many competitors out there. Rise above with SMS marketing through Rainman SMS. Here is a short summery of reasons why your auto shop can benefit from text marketing:

  • Rainman SMS makes it easy and affordable for anyone to start a top-notch marketing plan
  • Everyone can receive text messages, so your virtually with your clients all the time.
  • Over 95% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received.
  • People respond to text messages more than any other marketing medium.
  • Be the next text your clients get, seamlessly send an SMS to one client or 500 clients
  • Staying top of mind is as simple as a mobile coupon using Raiman SMS.
  • Gain loyal clients and build relationships with birthday texts.
  • Streamline workflow and improve communication with clients with SMS notifications.
  • Increase profits and generate leads with incentive-based mass text messaging.
  • Rainman SMS automates marketing, with features like keywords and auto-reply.

You know how to change tires, repair breaks and change oil. We know how to strengthen customer relationships, acquire clients and generate leads. Let us show you how you how your auto service shop can benefit from text marketing. Call Rainman SMS today at (210) 647-6350 or contact us online to start revving business and client growth via SMS marketing, we even offer a free trial!