Rainman SMS Features

Aka The Perfect Text Marketing Toolbox.

Multiple Keywords

It’s impossible to sum up your business in one word. That’s why Rainman SMS gives users multiple keywords so they can get the right people in the right group for the right message.

Massive Messages

A paragraph that will describe this feature, what it can do, how it works, and why it is important. The hard part about this is, we need to make every feature has similar count of words.

User Management

It takes a village to run a successful business. As an organization owner, you can maintain multiple user roles and permissions in a convenient location.

Security & Privacy

The security & privacy of client data is of utmost importance. Believe us when we say that we can keep a secret. We use multiple security layers behind the scenes to secure your audience information.

Instant Receiving

Many Text Msg Platforms will put your message on hold and scheduled for the next available time slot. Our idea is no delays and more customization, your messages will reach your audience instantaneously.

Auto Reply Msg

You don’t want to leave your audience hanging and neither do we! Our application lets you customize auto reply messages, and send to your audience in a second when they send you the right keyword.

Long text Message

Sometimes you have a lot to say, we get that. Our SMS platform can condense your big message into one cohesive text. So, go ahead, let it all out.

Data Analysis

Want to know how popular your group is getting? Or the number of messages you sent out each month? So do we, that’s why we make data analysis easy.


Rainman SMS Customers

We Fit In Wherever You Need Us.


There’s a lot that goes into preparing for the next event. Keep attendees in the loop by having them opt-in to receive text alerts event times, inclement weather, or any other info regarding their event.

Car Wash

The car wash industry is very competitive. SMS can help your business stand out by making sure coupons and other promotions go directly to your customers instead of ending up in the junk mail pile. If you’re a full service car wash, customers can be notified about wait times or when their car is ready for pickup.


We already use our phones when going out to eat. We check reviews, look up directions, and scope the menu well before we walk in the door. However, you could take things further but using SMS. Send text alerts to let patrons know their table is ready or coupons for your latest promotions. The options are endless so, dig in!

Cleaning Service

SMS could benefit both customers and cleaning crews. Customers can receive promos, coupons, and appointment reminders. Cleaning crews can be texted with the addresses of their customers, making it easier to maintain their appointments.

Special Interest Groups

Many alumni clubs, sports groups, and other special interest groups need a way to keep all members in the know. Texts can notify members about upcoming meetings, outings, or news.

Apartment Complex

As a leasing manager, you know there’s a lot that goes on in your complex. Rainman SMS can help you send notifications to tenants about complex news, events, and packages.


We understand some people are better at responding to their company emails than others. However, everyone looks at their text messages. Send important memos, company news, and other alerts

Your Idea

Rainman SMS can provide SMS solutions for whatever industry your business is in! Got a great idea? We look forward to making it happen.