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Welcome to your comprehensive text marketing solution. No matter your industry, our platform is a turnkey solution for lead generation, customer retention, or any other CRM need.


Features you love

Instant Alerts

The best part about text marketing is that you can get a message to your target audience instantly. That’s why Rainman SMS sends every message without delay.

Mobile Coupons

Stop letting your coupons and promotions end up in the junk mail pile. Rainman SMS makes sending mobile coupons and special offers a breeze.

Customized Message

Whatever message you need to get out shouldn’t be restricted by a template. You can customize your message any way you’d like.

One-to-Many Messaging

Have a lengthy contact list? Sending the same message one at a time takes up too much time. That’s why Rainman SMS has a one-to-many messaging function that allows you to send one message to either select contacts or the entire contact list.

Unlimited Characters

We get it, sometimes you have a lot to say. That’s why Rainman SMS doesn’t limit your characters in any way.

Auto Response Message

You won’t have to worry about responding to every response individually. Rainman SMS makes it easy to plan auto responses when your audience sends in particular keywords.

Do More With Rainman SMS


Can’t find the right word? Use them all.

It’s hard to sum up anything in one word. That’s why Rainman offers unlimited keywords.

There’s a lot that can be said about your organization. All the hard work, passion, and dedication has made your business or group what it is today. Here at Rainman, we understand how hard it may be to sum up your organization in one word.

That’s why Rainman SMS allows you to use unlimited keywords. You can use different keywords for different contact groups, events, campaigns, and more. Our user-friendly CRM makes it easy for you to add, delete, or edit keywords for your campaigns.

Get a virtual headcount with SMS.

Rainman SMS makes it easy for you to organize any special event.

Planning a special event takes a lot of careful coordination. However, no matter how great the catering and décor are, it wouldn’t be anything without guests. Guests are the most important and most difficult part of event planning. Everyone has their own busy schedules and it can be tough make sure that they all show up.

Rainman SMS makes it easy to coordinate any special events for your organization. Our one-to-many feature allows you to send invitations to all of your guests. Guests can also text in a keyword to confirm their attendance so you can have an RSVP list in real time.


Throw the pen away, managing your waitlist is now a lot easier.

Our waitlist feature makes managing waiting patrons a breeze.

One of the hardest parts about going out to eat is waiting for your table. Nobody likes to wait, but that doesn’t mean the waiting list experience has to be painful. SMS makes the waitlist a seamless experience for both patrons and restaurant staff.

Our platform makes it easy for customers to instantly know when their table is ready. Gone are the days of keeping up with clunky, buzzing machines that let you know when your table is ready. Patrons can get a simple text confirming they’re on the waitlist and then another text when their table is ready.


SMS Solutions for Every Industry

Rainman SMS for Restaurants

SMS can alleviate the stress of managing waitlists/reservations, sending promotions, or any other customer communications. This way, you can focus more on providing an amazing dining experience.

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Rainman SMS for Fitness

Retaining loyal gym members is crucial to the success of your fitness center. An easy way to boost membership participation, retention, and even encourage new signups is using Rainman SMS. We can help you let members know when you’re having special fitness classes as well as when special promotions are going on.

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Rainman SMS for Insurance

Rainman SMS for insurance customers makes your insurance agency run a lot smoother. Our CRM can help clients manage appointments, receive quotes, and even file claims. Bring peace of mind to both your clients and agents with SMS.

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Rainman SMS for Real Estate Agents

House hunting is an exciting and busy milestone. As a realtor, you want to make sure you’re consistently in the loop with your clients and with headquarters. Rainman SMS for realtors allows you to send out details about open houses, manage appointments, and more.

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Additional Industries

Your place of worship is a very sacred space for both you and the ones you worship with. Places of worship create a community and, just like any community, it’s important to keep everyone on the same page. Rainman SMS can help you send out important announcements, weekly scriptures, and more. This way, everyone can remain connected spiritually and through SMS.

Whether you’re a specialist or a general repair shop, smooth customer communication is at the heart of your business. Save time (and phone calls) with text alerts to your customers. Rainman SMS can also help you send out promotions or coupons so you can stop money on junk mail flyers.

Technology in classrooms has revolutionized every aspect in education. However, that technology isn’t limited to just computers. Reach students, their parents, or even administration by utilizing an SMS strategy. Important school updates, in-class participation, and more can all be coordinated with a simple text – no more annoying emails.

As a leasing agent or property owner, you know how difficult it can be to get ahold of certain tenants. Playing phone tag or spamming them with emails gets old. That’s why Rainman SMS wants to help your property with package alerts, property announcements, and more.

HVAC repairs and replacements are expensive investments for any customer. It’s also doubly frustrating trying to coordinate a time for service. You HVAC business should run efficiently without any headaches. Rainman SMS can help your HVAC business by easing both internal and external communications. Text alerts to your customers when their serviceperson is on the way. Or, you can use the one-to-many feature to send alerts to your employees that are out on calls.

Wine is one of life’s timeless pleasures. While wine is classic, your winery doesn’t have to be. Rainman SMS can help streamline your communications with visitors. Let people know which when you have a special wine in stock or coordinate special events with a text.

Rainman SMS can help internal communication for any project. No matter which stage your project is in, from foundations to ribbon cutting, your construction project requires constant communication. When you’re working on a site or if you have teams dispatched to different areas, it can sometimes be difficult to keep everyone on the same page. That’s why Rainman SMS wants to simplify internal communications with our one-to-many message function.

The car wash industry is extremely competitive. With seemingly one on every corner, how do you make yourself standout? Stop letting your business be ignored in the junk mail pile. Rainman SMS can help you design and send mobile advertisements, promotions, and coupons directly to your customers.

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    Create an Account with a Phone Number

    Before you can even access our user-friendly CRM, you’re going to need an account and a phone number to correspond with the account

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    Enjoy One-on-One Training With Us

    Our support team will walk you through everything you need to know about Rainman SMS. If you still need additional resources, our video tutorials are always available to help you with any part of the process.

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    Start Organizing Campaigns and Seeing Results

    Once you’re comfortable with our CRM, it’s time to start creating campaigns and seeing results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my phone number be shared with other companies?

Absolutely not. Unlike other competitors, you have your own, toll free, 10 digit phone number. By using this number, you'll have access to benefits such as unlimited keywords without all the red tape.

How many keywords can I have?

We offer you unlimited keywords for whatever the service plan you signed up. You do not share the keyword pool with any other organization using our platform.

What if I need to go over my monthly message limit?

If you need to send out extra message for that particular month, we can increase your service plan for that month only. Afterwards, you can choose to revert back to your previous plan or keep your upgraded plan.

Can I send out images and videos to customers?

MMS will be available soon, stay tuned!

Do I need to get approval before sending out a message?

Since you have an independent phone number, your risk will be on your own. You can send out the text message in any way you want to. There is not a lot of regulations for you. The purpose of doing this, is that you can send out instant alerts or announcements without waiting for approval process.

Do my messages have a word count?

Your messages don't have a word count, but they do have a character count. Each text allows 160 characters. If your message is longer than that, messages will stack together. Depending on the phone and the carrier, the messages will either appear as one big message or multiple messages.